ABOAGORA Pre-symposium V: Turbulent Times

21–23 August 2022

Archipelago Centre Korpoström, Turku archipelago, Finland

The 2021 ABOAGORA Pre-symposium “Burning Questions” at Archipelago Centre Korpoström. Photo: Anna Törnroos-Remes.

The ABOAGORA Pre-symposium invites Doctoral Candidates in the arts, humanities and sciences and MA Arts Students to reflect together on what is in the air in these turbulent times.

The 2022 main event, ABOAGORA: “Wind” will be held on 2426 August in Turku. The Pre-symposium participants will discuss their work in a joint panel session at the Symposium.

The Pre-symposium will be structured around talks, walks and workshops addressing winds of change – ecological and societal, material and metaphorical – and their interconnections. Through the prism offered by the Archipelago Sea Biosphere area, a plurality of perspectives and multisensory approaches, we will discuss a range of questions related to air and the wind, such as: What do the changes in air currents in the present tell us about the past and the future, or about the interdependencies between specific places and planetary circulations? How are the languages and knowledges of all things airy changing together with the winds and weather patterns?

These questions call for a range of practices that study, trace, navigate and imagine where the winds are carryings us. The aim of the Pre-symposium is to follow the winds, in every sense of the term, and let the air be a mediator for discussions across disciplinary boundaries in the sciences and the arts. Air will be approached as a dwelling and a medium for interconnections: Breezes and breaths reveal the porosity of borders and challenge distinctions between one and another, inside and outside, here and elsewhere.

The Pre-symposium offers a momentary pause in habitual patterns and processes of practice – a breather in these turbulent times to share, listen and reflect attentively together. It implies also retreat from the conventions of boundary-making between disciplines and epistemologies, in order to nurture an ecology of practices in response to the winds of change in the present. It is a great opportunity to converse with artists and researchers from different fields and backgrounds, perhaps even a prospect for new collaborations!


The Pre-symposium research retreat is directed by curator and researcher Taru Elfving (CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago) and organised in collaboration with Archipelago Centre Korpoström. The programme includes presentations and workshops that offer scientific and artistic insights into the myriad winds blowing across the Archipelago Sea. The participants are also invited to contribute their own questions to the programme.

The Pre-symposium retreat is free of charge and it includes:

  • transport between Turku city center and Archipelago Centre Korpoström
  • lodging in individual rooms at the Archipelago Centre on August 21–23
  • coffee, snacks and lunches during the Pre-symposium and ABOAGORA: “Wind”
  • free admission to the ABOAGORA: “Wind” Symposium
  • accommodation in Turku during the ABOAGORA: “Wind” Symposium (August 24–26)

Participants will discuss their work in a joint panel session on August 25 at the ABOAGORA: “Wind” Symposium at the Sibelius Museum in Turku. The Symposium brings together viewpoints from social sciences, cultural studies, natural sciences and the arts to explore wind/air as both a literal and a metaphorical phenomenon/element.


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