Aboagora 2018: Burden/Skuld

Aboagora 2018 was held at the Sibelius Museum in Turku on August 22–24. The Symposium analysed different perspectives, utopian as well as dystopian, on the future and how the legacies of past generations lay claims on and model the possibilities of coming generations. The presentations discussed ecological and economic concerns for a sustainable future, questions of human development, policy making, and normative ideological and religious frames of reference, as well as the power of science to create a better future. Aboagora 2018 completed the trilogy The Threads of Fate, which began in 2016 with “Urðr/Fate” and continued in 2017 with “Verðandi/Becoming”.

Aboagora 2018: Burden/Skuld Aboagora 2018: Burden/Skuld Aboagora 2018: Burden/Skuld

Agora Speakers

Claes Andersson & Julia Korkman: “The Burden of Memory”  

“Dystopia. The Burden of Truth”

Kimi Kärki: “Totalitarian Alternative Histories in Trump era Television Entertainment”

Albion Butters: “Shades of Whiteness: Appropriation of Religious Symbols by the Nordic Alt-Right”

Pertti Grönholm:  “Laibach: Totalitarianism Disguised and Uncovered”

Helena Ranta:Transgenerational Burden”

Aboagora 2018 Programme (PDF)