How R&D works



R&D can bring many benefits to your business and help create new products or add new features to old ones. R&D, from a technological point of view, is more complex than simple innovation. It is not limited to any single department and can improve marketing, operations, cost management and other parts of the strategy. Here are a few areas where R&D can make a difference:


  • technology strategy
  • project strategy
  • innovation
  • design
  • customer relations
  • efficient business solutions
  • forward-looking products
  • long-term cost reduction




The approach taken by a software company in the software product development process determines the future success of the company. Three aspects that are very important in any software product:


  • innovation
  • quality
  • technologies


It is very important to have an idea to create a new product in view of future needs or problems or necessary changes in the current market. The idea must be transformed into a concept that can be clearly communicated to the market and addressed to the target market niche. The product, first and foremost, defines the company’s vision. Its architecture should reflect the means to win market share, and its quality should reflect customer satisfaction and product longevity.


The most important function of software or the future of a company is innovative solutions (research and development). The R&D function plays a very important role and should be part of strategic business planning. The ability of R&D to operate in a productive, focused and efficient manner will affect both the success of R&D and the organization as a whole.




The R&D process is a long process. It can take months or years to produce the desired results. New product development and innovation is the main goal of R&D. Every company and industry has its own research methodology, but R&D follows basic principles.


InDevLab offers a set of innovative tools and technologies to offer you advanced IT R&D solution to turn your idea into reality. You can order R&D services from us. We select methods specifically for research and further development of a brand new product for your company. There are many benefits to R&D as we discussed above. R&D can improve different areas of your business, such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations, etc. There are several problems, such as high cost, increased lead time, unknown outcome, and market conditions. But the role of R&D is very important for a software firm.


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