The ABOAGORA “Void” sessions take place at the Sibelius Museum (Piispankatu 17, Turku), except for the following:

  • The sensory excursion Regenerative Void, and What Floats to the Shores on Wednesday 23 August, 15:40–18:30, takes place on Saaronniemi Beach, Ruissalo. The excursion participants will travel together by bus to Ruissalo and back.
  • The concert Void by Vocal Ensemble MMXX on Thursday 24 August, 19:00–20:00, takes place at the Turku Cathedral.

You can find a map of the locations on the info page. Accessibility information on the event locations is compiled below:

The Sibelius Museum

  • The main entrance is towards Piispankatu and is accessible by a small flight of stairs as well as a ramp slope.
  • The ground level, where the ABOAGORA sessions and the installation Whispering Ink: Echoes of Zen are, is accessible. There are small stairs as well as a ramp slope to the concert hall, where the sessions take place.
  • The ground floor is accessible when moving with wheelchair, rollator or a stick. You can access the building also with a perambulator. Guide and assistance dogs are welcome in the museum.
  • Unfortunately, there is no elevator to the floor underground, where the installation Void Setup – When You Move, What Do You See? is.
  • The Sibelius Museum is an EU Disability Card location. A personal assistant may enter free of charge.
  • The museum’s lighting conditions are reduced for the purposes of object preservation.
  • The toilets are located on the ground floor, to the left from the main entrance. The museum has an accessible toilet.
  • The closing reception on Friday 25 August at 17:30–19:00 takes place outdoors in the garden behind the Museum. The paths in and leading to the garden have a gravel surface.
  • For more information, see the Sibelius Museum website.

Saaronniemi Beach, Ruissalo

  • The excursion Regenerative Void, and What Floats to the Shores to Saaronniemi beach in Ruissalo on August 23 is somewhat accessible.
  • The excursion involves going from the Sibelius Museum to the city center on foot, travelling to Ruissalo and back by bus, and returning from the city center to the museum on foot for the final session of the day.
  • Participants are kindly asked to pay the bus fare themselves. The single journey ticket is 3 € and can be bought via the Föli mobile app or on the bus by debit/credit card or cash. With cash payment the price is 4 €.
  • The address of the Saaronniemi beach is Saarontie 59, 20100 Turku. Participants can also come to Saaronniemi by own car. The location of Saaronniemi parking can be found in the Turku map service. Three-hour free parking is generally available, but parking fees may apply during high season.
  • When arriving at the beach, the group will proceed together on foot to Kolkannokka for the sensory excursion. Kolkannokka and the session are fairly accessible to many abilities, and the group will move onwards as slowly as required. Unfortunately, the location is not entirely accessible for wheelchairs: The road to the Kolkannokka cape is a gravel road, and towards the tip of the cape the terrain becomes somewhat uneven and marked by stones.
  • Small snacks will be provided, and participants are kindly asked to bring their own water bottles.
  • There are lavatories, including accessible lavatories, at the main beach.
  • More detailed information on the excursion arrangements will be provided closer to the event.

The Turku Cathedral

  • The Cathedral is mostly wheelchair accessible. The concert Void by MMXX at the Cathedral on August 24 is wheelchair accessible.
  • The accessible entrance is located on the northern side of the building. The driveway to the door starts from the corner of Henrikinkatu and Tuomiokirkonkatu.
  • There is one wheelchair for use near the accessible entrance.
  • There are wheelchair accessible toilet facilities in the church. 
  • The Cathedral is dark, especially on cloudy days.
  • The is an induction loop for hearing aid in the Cathedral.
  • For more information (e.g., map of the accessible entrance and parking), see the Cathedral website.