It’s Aboagora time again!

There has been a huge interest in ABOAGORA 2020: Water and we have reached our record of registered Aboagora participants! Many thanks for your interest!

We are using the conference tool Zoom to stream ABOAGORA online. Join ABOAGORA-meeting in Zoom:

We recommended downloading the ZOOM app; you can download it (ZOOM Client for Meetings) at  

For more information, see FAQ:

If you forgot to register, don’t worry: we are also going to publish edited, high-quality versions of the live-stream recordings after the event on our YouTube-channel:  

Whilst we are very happy to see so many of you want to join us at the Sibelius Museum, we reached the maximum capacity of at-site-participants before the registration closed and, unfortunately, not all of you who wanted to join us at the Museum will be able to do so. Due to the COVID-19 -situation and for your safety, the audience number at the Sibelius Museum is limited to 80.

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We want to make your participation in the ABOAGORA Symposium as pleasant and as safe as possible. If you are going to join us at the Sibelius Museum, please remember following instructions so that you as well as all other guests can enjoy the event safely!

  • Keep a safe distance of at least 1 metre from others!
    When you are at the museum, whether queueing up for registration or using other services, please keep a safe distance from others. Our staff will also maintain a safe distance from the visitors. Keeping distance should be easy since coffee and snacks will be served outside and the number of participants is limited.
  • Keep your hands clean!
    Please make sure your hands are clean when you come to the museum. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser provided at the site. Please be sure to cough and sneeze into your elbow. Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. Our staff will also practice good hand hygiene.
  • Wearing a mask is recommended!
    There are going to be masks available at the Museum, but if you have your own masks, we recommend using them.
  • Come to the Museum only if you are feeling well!
    You are most welcome to join us at the Sibelius Museum if you are in good health. If you are ill, please stay at home and follow Aboagora online.
  • Come to the Museum only if you have registered on time!

We look forward to seeing you soon – in the Sibelius Museum or online!

These instructions are subject to change! We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and working out the best ways for ABOAGORA to take place while taking the health and safety of our audience and our staff into consideration.

ABOAGORA and the Sibelius Museum will adhere to the orders and guidelines of the Government and the health authorities regarding physical distance and other relevant matters. We follow the situation closely and reserve all rights to changes.

Posted on: August 18, 2020, by : admin