“The Five Rings” – A New Thematic Plan for Aboagora 2019–2023!

We are excited to announce that Aboagora is launching a new five-year thematic plan for 2019–2023 under the title The Five Rings.

The title refers to the book The Book of Five Rings, written in 1645 by Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese philosopher, writer and rōnin – a samurai without a master. Many consider him the greatest swordsman that ever lived. Near the end of his life, Musashi retreated to live as a hermit in a cave, to meditate and write a manual of kenjutsu, Japanese swordmanship, and martial arts. This practical book extends towards a philosophy of life, aiming at simplicity and no-nonsense.

The Book of Five Rings is divided into five books, each examining a different element of battle, just as there are different physical elements in life in Eastern religions. These elements will serve as starting points for the five Aboagora symposia of 2019–2023: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void. Each three-day symposium will be organised at the Sibelius Museum in Turku at the end of August, and we will publish more information on the programmes closer to each event. See you there!

Read more about the thematic plan at https://aboagora.fi/programme/

Posted on: November 26, 2018, by : admin