Kolmas Tila – Third Space performance in Aboagora

Aboagora is proud to present collaboration with Kolmas Tila – Third Space in the forthcoming symposium:

The Legend of the Small Bone

Kolmas Tila – Third Space 2016–2018, multipart stage performance

Part one, 16th June at the Aboagora Symposium, Sibelius Museum, Turku

Performance serves as an introduction to an ensemble of works which will be carried out in stages in the course of the next two years. The final stage performance will be completed in February 2018. The starting point and working methods of the piece are research-based.

What is the small bone?

Jewish and Arabic cultures share an old belief or legend about a small bone that is located in the spinal column and that hides the self of a person as if it were a code or a riddle. This small bone is corporeal, part of our skeletal system – yet indestructible. According to legend, the bone can be used to resurrect a person as they once were, as they once lived. In Hebrew, the bone is called luz, in Arabic ajbu adh-dhanab.

What thing in me would retain my inner humane spark in conditions that seek to destroy me?

The political philosophy of Giorgio Agamben has lent a starting point and a conceptual basis for the performance and the work of the group. The performance will be accompanied with Patrik Hagman’s presentation on Agamben.


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