Aboagora annouces new plans and the date of the 2016 event

Aboagora announces new plans for the forthcoming years! 2016 opens a new trilogy of themes and switches the event from August to June! In 2016 Aboagora takes place during June 14-17. More information coming soon!

Aboagora 2016–2018: The Threads of Fate

In the forthcoming years, 2016–2018, Aboagora aims at building a thematic trilogy under the title The Threads of Fate. The title refers to Old Norse mythology that presents characters called Norns, who rule the destinies of both gods and humans. The three most important Norns were Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld. They have at times been interpreted as past, present and future but, in fact, layers of temporality are unavoidably entangled. The question of fate (Urðr) e.g. stretches from the past to the future, and the idea of burden (Skuld) refers both to our heritage and to something that we have to confront in the future.

Each Norn will serve as a point of entrance to an Aboagora event during the years 2016–2018. Each Norn offers a perspective to the current state of the world, which is discussed during the agora, blurring boundaries between arts and sciences. At the same time, this trilogy allows the profound investigation of urgent issues, such as identity and ethnicity, human impact on the environment, and the future of the Earth.

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