ABOAGORA 2017: Becoming/Verðandi | 23–25 August

In the years 2016-2018, Aboagora builds a thematic trilogy under the title The Threads of Fate. The title refers to Old Norse mythology and characters called Norns, who rule the destinies of both gods and humans. The three most important Norns were Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld. They have at times been interpreted as past, present and future but, in fact, layers of temporality are unavoidably entangled. The question of fate (Urðr) e.g. stretches from the past to the future, and the idea of burden (Skuld) refers both to our heritage and to something we have to confront in the future. Each Norn serves as a point of entrance to the Aboagora events of 2016–2018. Last year, Aboagora discussed “Urðr/Fate.” The theme for this year’s Aboagora was “Verðandi/Becoming” and finally, next year, Aboagora will explore questions of “Burden/Skuld.”

Aboagora 2017 was held on August 23-25 at the Sibelius Museum in Turku. Via art and various academic disciplines, the Symposium discussed the significance of “becoming,” the idea of incompleteness and being in the making with reference to humanist, scientific, economic, and social aspects. Becoming refers to an unfinished development or an event that is in progress but not accomplished yet, to alteration and to the incompleteness inherent in the present, as well as ‘possibility’ and ‘potentiality.’ Are there any unchangeable, eternal and essential laws or patterns behind the chaos of our contemporary times? Or is the longing for such universal models just a reverie?


WEDNESDAY 23.8. | Sibelius Museum

10–10:30 Coffee and Registration

10:30–11 Opening

11–12:30 AGORA: “Life – A Tree with Three Intertwined Branches”

Howy Jacobs, Director, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki; Professor, Molecular Biology, University of Tampere

12:30–14 Lunch Break

14–15:30 “Hearing Finnishness in Hymns”

Irmeli Helin, Professor Emerita, German Language and Translation Studies, University of Turku

Kati Kallio, Postdoctoral Researcher, The Finnish Literature Society

Veli-Matti Salminen, Researcher, The Church Research Institute

Musicians: Timo Alakotila & Senni Valtonen

Chair: Minna Opas, Collegium Research Fellow, Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS), Comparative Religion, University of Turku

15:30–16 Coffee

16–17:30 “Liminal Stages: Artistic Research and Art With(in) Research”

Leena Kela, Performance Artist, Co-artistic Director, New Performance Turku Festival; PhD Candidate, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

Markus Rissanen, PhD Candidate, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

Vadim Kulikov, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki

Annette Arlander, Artist; Postdoctoral Fellow, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

18–19 Piano Concert: “Suomi100 – A Story of Finland in Music”

Henrik Järvi, Pianist


THURSDAY 24.8. | Sibelius Museum & Arken (Åbo Akademi University)

10–11:30 AGORA: “Art in Becoming, Welcome to the Bureau of Poetics”

Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Professor, Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School; Director of CBS Art Initiative

Jenny Helin, Associate Professor, Business Studies, Uppsala University

11:30–13 Lunch Break

13–14:30 Workshop & Photo Exhibition: “Nanoq – Imag(in)ing Climate Change” (Arken)

Laura Hollsten, University Teacher, General History, Åbo Akademi University

Pauliina Kainulainen, Independent Researcher, Theology

Ilona Mettiäinen, Photographer; PhD Candidate, Sociology, University of Lapland

14:30–15 Coffee (Arken)

15–16:30 “What Became of Them?”

Marco Martiniello, Director, Centre d’Etudes de l’Ethnicité et des Migrations (CEDEM), University of Liège, Belgium; Research Director, Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.-FNRS), Belgium

Minna Rainio, Visual Artist; Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Lapland

Ahmed Zaidan, Poet; Journalist

Chair: Pasi Saukkonen, Senior Researcher, City of Helsinki Urban Facts

16:30–18 “Evangeliet enligt LASARUS”

Grus Grus Theatre

Ilari E. Sääksjärvi, Research Director, Biodiversity Unit, University of Turku


FRIDAY 25.8. | Sibelius Museum & Donner Institute

10–11:30 AGORA: “The Author as a Norn – Becoming All-powerful while Battling Monsters”

Maria Turtschaninoff, Author

11:30–13 Lunch Break

13–14:30 “NGOLGBTIQ – Activism and History”

Panda Eriksson, President of the Board, Trasek

Sandra Hagman, Historian, Social Scientist

Viima Lampinen, Chair of the Board, Seta

Jan Wickman, Senior Lecturer, Sociology, The Swedish School of Social Science at Helsinki University

14:30–15 Coffee

15–16:30 “The Legend of the Small Bone – Part Three”

Kolmas Tila – Third Space

16:30–17 Closing

17– Reception (Donner Institute)