Pre-Symposium 2018



Aboagora 2018: “Burden/Skuld” | 22nd – 24th August


Pre-Symposium for Doctoral Candidates 21st August




The Pre-Symposium on Tuesday 21st August comprises:

8.30 – 12.30 Training session. Professor Pilvi Porkola (University of the Arts Helsinki) introduces methods of performance arts in research with practical exercises

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 16.30 Presentation training (by Porkola), where the Doctoral Candidates present a pitch-talk (max 3 minutes) on their presentation and will be provided feedback by the trainer and other participants.

Place: Åhuset, seminar room, Åbo Akademi

The Doctoral Candidates will present their work in an academic workshop in the Aboagora Symposium August 23 at 15.00-17.00.




The Aboagora Pre-Symposium is organized by the Graduate School at the University of Turku in cooperation with the Aboagora organizing committee and Åbo Akademi University. Aboagora will be held at the Sibelius Museum, which is located in the city center of Turku,

Participation in the Pre-Symposium and presenting at Aboagora equals with 1 ECTS (with the University of Turku/Finnish standards), but the exact substitutability needs to be negotiated with the presenters home university/institution. One can also receive Lecture Pass marks from participating. There is no participation fee, and participants will also have free admission to the Aboagora Symposium. Aboagora does not provide funding for travel expenses, but coffee and snacks will be offered to all participants on 21st–24th August.


Professor Pilvi Porkola: On Artistic Research – Between Practice and Theory


What does artistic research mean? What does it look like?

Why is an artist interested in doing research? What kind of knowledge art produces?

In this lecture, I will talk about artistic research and combining practice and theory. I will also focus on performance studies, so performance as a concept to make observations and a method for a study. Moreover, I will talk about art; empty frames, miniature skeletons reading books, pink balloons and imagined spaces.

The lesson is divided in two parts; first there will be a lecture and a discussion. The second part will be held in Turku City Library, where we will try out the topic in practice.

Pilvi Porkola is an artist and writer. She is Professor in Artistic Research at Uniarts, Helsinki. She is also a post doctoral researcher in project (funded by the Academy of Finland) “How To Do Things with Performance?”. She is interested in feminism, production of knowledge, libraries, art and life.


In case of any questions pertaining to the Call for Papers, Pre-Symposium and/or Workshop, please do not hesitate to contact Coordinator Marko Ahteensuu (