Aboagora 2015: Precious Moments, Extreme Events

The theme for Aboagora 2015 was “Precious Moments, Extreme Events.” Under this theme, the Symposium addressed questions of time, changes in society, and significant and extreme events in the course of individuals’ lives and the history of humanity.

Agora Speakers

Cosmologist, Physicist, Mathematician, Professor John D. Barrow (University of Cambridge, London Gresham College, UK)

Rector, Researcher Tiina Rosenberg (University of the Arts Helsinki, FIN)

Author, Journalist Umayya Abu-Hanna (ISR/FIN/NL)

The event also featured workshops which discussed the theme from the perspectives of quantum physics, religion studies, biology, and political history, among others. Fundamental questions regarding arts and sciences were examined through an international project, “Floating Platforms,” in collaboration with the New Performance Turku Festival, an international festival for performance and live art. The aim of the project was to find different ways of approaching co-ordinated dialogue between arts and sciences. Six performance artists and six scientists from a variety of disciplines around Finland and Europe worked in pairs and discussed various themes from their own perspectives.