Registration period extended!

Good news: You still have a chance to register for Aboagora 2016! Registration period will be running until May 29th.

To register, please visit:

The registration fee 40€ (20€ for students and doctoral candidates) includes participation for all keynote lectures, admission to all workshops, coffee/tea with small snacks during coffee breaks and conference reception on Friday.

Registration period ends May 29th.

Aboagora 2016 – programme information

June 15–17 2016, Sibelius Museum, Turku, Finland

In Old Norse mythology the characters called Norns rule the destinies of both gods and humans. The eldest of these Norns is Urðr, the Norn of fate. In Norse mythology, humans were created as incomplete and without fate. It was only the actions of the Norns that gave humans fate and made them complete. Humans would have neither complete free will nor were they constrained completely by fate. There is neither free will nor unalterable fate.

Aboagora 2016 discusses the multiple understandings of fate by exploring how agency is understood in relation to the past.

Our keynote speakers and performers include:

Pekka Haavisto, Member of Finnish Parliament
tenor Topi Lehtipuu together with Hannu Salmi, Professor in Cultural History
Virpi Lummaa, Academy Professor, Evolutionary Biology and Ecology
Riem Spielhaus, Professor, Dr., Islamic Studies

Encounters between arts and sciences includes workshop sessions and performances in collaboration with:

  • Science Café
  • Kolmas Tila – Third Space
  • AmosLAB
  • IC-98
  • SELMA – Centre for the Study of Storytelling, Experientiality and Memory

Registration to Aboagora symposium opens in early April!

Call for applications to Falling Walls Lab Turku now open

Falling Walls Lab takes place in Turku 14 June 2016!

Share your innovative idea at the Falling Walls Lab Turku, win a scholarship and travel to the Finale in Berlin!

The Falling Walls Lab Turku takes place on 14 of June 2016 at Sibelius Museum, Turku Finland. Applications can be made through the website by 2 of May 2016.

University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University organize Falling Walls Lab Turku, an innovation contest for young academics, entrepreneurs and experts. The qualifying Lab will be held on June 14, 2016 at the Sibelius museum, Turku. The Falling Walls Lab is a platform for professionals from all disciplines who get the opportunity to present their research work, business model or innovative project or idea. Each participant of the Lab only has 3 minutes to share their idea in front of the distinguished jury from academia and business. The call for applications is open for outstanding young talents and innovative thinkers from all disciplines around Finland, Nordic and Baltic countries.


Aboagora 2015 – Precious Moments, Extreme Events

Precious Moments, Extreme Events

Aboagora Symposium 2015 will be held in Sibelius-museum, August 11-13 with the theme “Precious Moments, Extreme Events” and wishes to discuss the changes that revolutionize the human condition through dialogue between arts and sciences.

The aim of the symposium is to generate discussion between arts and sciences and to develop productive dialogue on the significance of time – or, rather, of moments. In the modern world, information moves faster than ever before. Slow, global processes of transformation, such as climate change, cause increasing alarm, but extreme and sudden events also have the power to completely change our perspective in mere seconds. In the midst of such change, interest in memory and individual’s experience of time has grown. Definitive moments and turning points have the power to affect the individual’s lives and societies. Extreme events can traumatize whole nations, yet the lives of individuals can be turned upside down in a single moment, in the blink of an eye.

FULL PROGRAMME (For the registered guests – event sold out!)

Main location: Sibelius Museum, Piispankatu 17, 20500 Turku
(Alternative venues are mentioned separately)
Please click the headlines for more information!


DAY 1 – Moments

Registration and Coffee

AGORA: Tiina Rosenberg: Speaking Up in Precarious Times: A Reflection on Arts and Humanities, Professor, Stockholm University / President of the Central Arts Council of Finland (FIN/SWE)


Lunch (at own cost)

Workshop 1 / When Life Ends
Professor Terhi Utriainen, professor Douglas Davies, biologist Ilari Sääksjärvi & theatre director Otso Kautto with Dramatized Death Ritual: Ritual Time, Life Looking at Death (Quo Vadis Theatre)


Workshop 2 / Floating Platforms*
Encounters between Performance Art and Science
Riitta Rainio (sound archaeology, University of Helsinki) & Juha Valkeapää (sound and performance art)
Installation open from 12:00, sound disco at 15:30-18:00
PLACE: The Old Market Square Cellar
Vanha Suurtori 5, Turku

Evening programme by Turku Music Festival:

Concert: Estonian Voices. Linnateatteri, Linnankatu 31, (Tickets 25,5/20,5€)

Concert: Evening Music at the Cathedral, Turku Cathedral, Tuomiokirkonkatu 1 (free entry)


DAY 2 – Experiences

AGORA: Umayya Abu-Hanna: The Long Longing to Belong Journalist and writer (FIN/NL)

Lunch (at own cost)

Workshop 3 / Revolution
Chair: Professor Mika Ojakangas (University of Jyväskylä)
Professor Peter Hallward (Kingston University): Continuing the Revolution: Jacobin Principles of Democracy
Comments: Janne Porttikivi & Timo Pankakoski


Workshop 4 / Science Café: Quantum Arts Jam
QUANTUM COMPLEXITY: Dr. John Good & Dr. Libby Haney
DIAGRAMS OF LOVE: Prof. Sabrina Maniscalco, Sibel Kantola & Minna Aalto
BIG BANG TANGO: Prof. Esko Valtaoja & Fabrizio Mocata
Crowdfunding campaign for the session can be found here!


Workshop 5 / Floating Platforms*
Encounters between Performance Art and Science
Kaisa Henttunen (cosmology) & Leena Kela (performance art)
PLACE: Observatory, Vartiovuorenmäki
Starting point for the joint walk to the Observatory in front of the Sibelius Museum at 18.00


DAY 3 – Extremes

Workshop 6 / Gregorian Singing in the Turku Cathedral (Agricola Chapel) WORKSHOP FULL!
Max. 30 people can participate in the singing workshop session, please enroll during registration!


Workshop 7 / Touching, Tasting, Hearing and Seeing. Sensorial Experiences in the Feasts of St. Thomas Aquinas
Marika Räsänen, Hilkka-Liisa Vuori & Johanna Korhonen

Lunch (at own cost)

Workshop 8 / Floating Platforms*
Encounters between Performance Art and Science
Mia Rönkä (biology) & Kurt Johannessen (performance art)


AGORA: John D. Barrow: Is Our Universe An Extreme Event? FRS, Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University; Professor of Geometry, London Gresham College (UK)



Evening programme by Turku Music Festival:

Concert: Turku Night of Arts: Music by Candle Light at Turku Cathedral, Tuomiokirkonkatu 1 (Tickets 22,50/17,50/11,50€)

 Changes in the programme are possible. We reserve the right to changes. 

*Floating Platforms is a one-year collaboration project with New Performance Turku Festival funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. More information about the project and the performances in Aboagora symposium can be found here.